American Sports Cars by Franck PELTIER


The mythical American cars

Some manufacturers in Uncle Sam’s country are known for offering fiery, energetic and imposing shapes. Since nothing compares to the exhilaration of being behind the wheel of a racing car powered by a few hundred wild horses, Franck Peltier talk to us in detail about mythical American cars.

From the 60s to today

The sixties saw the appearance of American cars with overpowering engines: the muscle cars. It was during this period that some mythical car models today were conceived and designed like for example the Ford Mustang.
Some models have become popular thanks to their visibility in American films or following their exposure by celebrities. For example, the Hummer has been a big sign of richness in rap music and R&B music videos.
Today, cars produced by American automobile brands include all types of vehicles: off-road vehicles, race vehicles and others intended for the general public. Some US automakers are also focusing on innovation and luxury. This is the case, for example, with the Tesla brand, which today produces totally electric models with performances that can challenge the most sporting cars in the world with an autonomy of several hundred kilometers.

The bigger it is, the better

Everything is bigger in the United States: whether it’s houses, MacDonald portions or film budgets, nothing is out of the question, especially cars.
With wider and wider roads, a cultural tendency to build ever larger vehicles, the US has provided us with the world’s most enormous models.


Did you think the Explorer and Expedition models were useless and too massive 4 * 4s? It’s because you have not looked well at the Ford Excursion. This vehicle intended to bring his children to football (yes, that’s how the Americans see it) was produced from 2000 to 2005 and weighs almost as heavy as the Hummer H1, that is to say 2 tons. Only real advantage of the vehicle: the fact that it was a diesel (option) manufactured in the United States, which was relatively rare at the time. It would be unfair to judge Ford based on this single vehicle. Remember that the brand was also made in the Mustang, which is a gem of technique and design. Moreover, we need to be directly convinced, we can directly drive the Ford Mustang on our circuits during a driving stage.


Better known for its limousine size and suspicious suspensions than for its engine, the Lincoln Continental has become a preferred vehicle for American rockabilly punks. 5.5 meters long and 2 meters wide, one is entitled to wonder how many smart come in this juggernaut. Let’s not forget his engine of 460 cubic meters that will not leave your haircut unscathed, especially in convertible mode.


Okay, the H2 is smaller than the usual civilian Hummers, but did we need an extra model? With 3 tons of mechanics and consumption as crazy as its cousins, Franck Peltier cannot literally defend the American brand, which still offers us a polluting vehicle and, in a civil context, is useless. Thanks Uncle Sam!