American Sports Cars by Franck PELTIER

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Everything You Need To Know About American Sports Cars

There is a few interesting things to know about American Sports Cars. Franck Peltier has been kind enough to let us know more about it.
The United States got into the manufacturing of sports cars around 1910 and lived their golden age in the 1920s, then an era of superpower in the 1960s.

American Sports Cars Summarised In A Few Points

The United States has nowadays close to thirty car brands or automobile groups with thousands, or even millions of car models on the market. Among these high value car manufacturers, about 10 producers have specialised in making sports cars.
Some brands which existed at the onset of the American car industry are no longer present today. Some of these brands were bought off by the highest bidders. But the surprising thing is: among American car manufacturers, there are many with European heritage.

From Sports Cars To Muscles Cars

Even though their ability to handle and finesse are not always guaranteed, do you know that American sports cars are reputed for their powerful engine build-ups, their high-performance chassis and break systems? Today, contemporary American designs combine strength, performance, beauty and finesse altogether.
After making thousands of renowned car models like Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford Mustang, Chrysler or Buick, etc., the United States has shifted into a new gear in relation to the manufacturing and distribution of sports cars from the second half of the twentieth century.
This tradition of superpower and ultra-performance started far back in the 1960s with the coming of muscles cars; a category of American propelled sports cars equipped with large V8 engines.
Destined for speed-racing allowed for a young public, muscles cars which can run the distance of fourth of a thousand km(402 meters) in record time, drastically ended in the 1970s following theClean Air Act voted by Congress.
At that time many car models suddenly disappeared, namely the famous Plymouth Barracuda of the Chrysler Group. But a new generation of muscle cars re-surfaced in the USA in the year 2000, thanks to brands like Chevrolet Camaro.
Nowadays muscle cars have become a fashion trend with the release of other models such as Ford Mustang or Dodge. And that is a few cars Franck Peltier is interested in.